Retail is Retail.

Profound, huh?

In fact, the “R/I” in R/I Solutions? Yep. “Retail Is.”

Whether you are a retailer, vendors, or manufacturer, you all struggle with the same issues. Leadership, sales, marketing, hiring, training, cash flow, inventory, executing a strategic plan, and a 100 items are on your radar every day.

The reason Retail is Retail is actually pretty simple.

It does not matter if you are multinational retailer with a 1,000 locations, a one-of- a-kind store in a small town. It makes no difference if you are small, single-shop vendor, or you have facilities and employees all over the world. A large retailer or vendor can struggle (or succeed) just as badly (or successfully) as a small, independent one. Why?

Retail is Retail because Customers are Customers and Business is Business.

We live in the most connected society in the world. Social media, cell phones, and Google mean customers have more access to information than ever. Retailing is in-store, online, and via mobile. 

Customers who shop the big box are the same as those who shop local. They do not act or think differently based on which door they darken. All retailers need to engage and interact with them based on the customers’ expectations, not what retailer wants or thinks those expectations should be.

Yes, if you are a large, nationally branded store, you may be able to nudge customer behavior. Yes, if you are a local store, you may have the “shop local” advantage. But, regardless of size, you all struggle with the same things. You all are trying how to figure out how to leverage technology, provide better service, hire better employees, ensure future business success, and the list goes on. 

If you are a business that supports retailers, you struggle with all the same issues. It is no longer about just getting product into a warehouse or shelf. Retailers are looking for you to be an integral part of how they connect with their customers. How are you helping your customers connect better with their customers to sell their products?

At R/I Solutions, we have a passion to help companies think differently, lead courageously, and live passionately. We believe that is what it takes to succeed in today’s retail environment.