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Leadership Done Well: More Than Just ‘Getting it Right’

Every effective leader knows it is not about them, but the people and the organization they lead. You need to constantly outward-focused on your employees, your customers, and dozens of other things. But, a key part of being not only an effective, but impactful leader, is understanding some things about YOU.

Retail is Retail: Why size doesn’t matter to win at retail

Just because you are a nationally-branded company, you feel you have an advantage over local retailers. Because you are a locally-owned small business, you think customers appreciate you more than the big guys. In reality, neither of you are wrong, but you are not totally correct either. Find out what size does not matter when it comes to running a successful retail operation.

Walk Your Talk: Strategies for delivering an extraordinary customer experience

You say and believe you are providing your customers a better shopping experience than your competition. Are you? Every time a customer comes through your door, they have an experience with your business. It is always a good experience? Are they excited to tell others about their experience? If not, what can you do to change it? Learn five strategies to help ensure customers not only enjoy their experience, but will leave and can’t wait to come back.

Finding Balance: How to do all you need to do and actually enjoy it

Balancing all the things necessary for you to keep your business not only open, but thriving and growing, is something everyone needs to figure out. Usually, this is done through painful trial and error. But, what if there was a way you could truly balance your schedule and actually still keep your sanity?

You’re Not Going to Like This: How to have tough conversations and not lose

Sometimes having a tough conversation is not only necessary, but unavoidable. Every tough conversation is an opportunity to strengthen a relationship or a pitfall to create tension, hurt feelings, and possibly a ruined relationship. Learn three keys on how to handle tough conversations and not lose (friends, customers, employees).

Customers Uncensored: What they wish you knew

Every retailer overestimates the quality of the experience they provide customers. Do you have a foundation to build a great customer experience upon? Did you ever wish you knew what customers really thought about your operation, your staff, and your products? In a bold approach intertwining personal and professional stories, with full candor, learn the honest truth about what customers say when you aren’t around. You will walk away energized to move forward in the battle for the customers’ wallets and hearts.

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